Spring Summer Inspiration

What inspires me!


All you need is tea and warm socks.

Hand Knitted luxurious socks are a must have during winter and we will have ours Online Soon!




The Cool Guys We Work With!

These amazing animals provide the wool that we use to keep you warm and snuggly over the cooler months. Thanks you to all of the Alpacas, Sheep and Goats out there!! WE Love you guys!!

Loving the poncho!

Living and producing in Argentina I have developed a BIG LOVE for The Poncho! It originated in South America and is a simple garment, a rectangular of triagular piece of material, weaved,or knitted with an opening for the head. It is of Andean origin and is still part of the native dress for this region.

These days ponchos are a fashion item designed to look fashionabl and provide warmth while remaining breathable and comfortable. They have become a staple piece for a boho chic look. The are cool and comfy, appropriate for any figure and age and always add a little...