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Hi, My name is Karolina Roze and I am the designer and creative mind behind First Born.

First Born was born out of a passion for creating beautiful hand made knitwear with an ethical conscience.

I grew up in a family were all my auntie's and grandmothers knitted us sweaters for the cold winter months in Poland were I was born. I could choose motifs like Micky Mouse or have my name knitted into a sweater which was so cool at the time. After moving to Australia at a very young age, this tradition continued and has never really left me.

After studying Fashion Design and working for other designers in the fashion industry I very quickly realised that my love for textiles and all things handmade was my BIG LOVE and gave me a thirst to develop my own knitwear label.

After travelling the world extensively I found my second home and birth place of First Born in Argentina. Here I met so many incredible artisans which were creating divine things made by hand, and made me realise that I could actually bring my designes and ideas to life. My passion for giving back to the community grew in an enormous way and my desire to empower women through providing work and fair wages was imperative.

The focus of First Born is creating quality fashion produced in a sustainable way, giving back to the community and maintaining strong ethics in all aspects of the design process.

Here in this Blog I will be sharing with you my inspirations, my loves, my passions and my dreams. Through fashion, art, music, travel and life. I would like to share with you my ideas and discoveries.

Love Karolina xxoo 

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